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Margaret Turner Ltd welcomes commissions for bespoke, custom made pieces by appointment for a personalised service.

All designs are hallmarked with The London Assay Office to assure quality. 

A detailed schedule with descriptions and valuations for your records or insurer can also be provided.



In line with Margaret’s ethical stance, she is very happy to completely remodel and upcycle old, unwanted and broken pieces into a brand new design that adds value along with a new lease of life.

The jewellery is cleaned and checked before it is reworked and upcycled, helping to keep perfectly good materials in circulation longer and keeping sentiment for family members alive.


Margaret uses 18 Carat yellow pins for all of her Silver and Gold stud earrings for the most sensitive of ears.


If your jewellery is damaged at any point, Margaret will be very happy to mend any repairable items.

There is a discretionary charge for servicing and repairs, but we do try and keep costs to a minimum.

Charges for repair will be calculated once the piece has been inspected. You will then be asked to confirm that you’d like to go ahead with the repair.


If your jewellery is beginning to look a little tired, Margaret can bring it back to it’s former glory. Think of it as a little MOT where settings and stones are checked over. There will be a small charge for restoration, cleaning, re-plating, re-stringing, setting and claw checking services. Any incurred charges will be communicated to you prior to work commencing.


If you fall in love with a piece of unique timeless jewellery, we offer an interest free scheme, which is designed to make buying affordable and straightforward for you.  

To arrange a repair or to have your jewellery serviced,

please call 01264 811076 or email


Margaret works in Platinum, Gold & Silver, often incorporating  precious and semi-precious stones, 

her personal favourite, beautiful pearls. 

Advocating quality over quantity and as such, materials are sourced specific to design and budget.


Margaret Turner Ltd is a socially and environmentally committed company dedicated to making fine jewellery using ethically sourced materials.

Having worked for many years within the jewellery industry, Margaret has became increasingly concerned with the environmental and social impact of mining, production and the lack of transparency within supply chains. 

As a result, much care is taken in sourcing the most ethical materials with dedication to making beautiful, fine jewellery in an environmentally and socially responsible way.


We have a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds and abide with measures such as the Kimberley Process. At Margaret Turner Ltd, we only purchase diamonds through the most respected suppliers who also proudly adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process. 


We also observe the highest ethical standards, which extends to sourcing gold too. The issue of responsible mining is an important one and deserves our attention. Measures taken include working to ensure that our gold and metals come from suppliers that meet the highest human rights, social, and environmental criteria and commit to increased gold sourcing from recycled and secondary sources.



Whatever your jewellery, keep the pieces safely and carefully stored. Individually wrap each piece in a soft protective cloth or bag. Have jewellery settings checked at least once a year – engagement rings are particularly vulnerable to wear.

A good investment is to make up your own cleaning kit.

Tip – Always put your jewellery on last, after your perfume.


The refraction of light through a stone relies on a balance of cut and quality giving it's optimum sparkle, especially diamonds. 

Dirt clogging the back of a stone could make it look dull, to maintain it's full lustre, soak in soapy hot water to soften any grease and dirt, and then gently using an old toothbrush clean away any dirt. Dry in an old towel and your jewellery is ready to wear again with pride.


Treat in the same way as diamonds, with the exception of Turquoise, Coral and Opal. Porous gemstones are more susceptible to damage, sun, sea and sand can easily mar the appearance. It is better to wipe these clean with a soft cloth, washing in a liquid soap for delicates and then wiping carefully. 

Natural Pearls are not as tough as they look. Perfume, hair products, sun tan oil and the body’s natural oils can damage their skins and depreciate their value substantially. Immediately after wear, wipe them carefully with a chamois before putting them away, above all, wear them as this keeps them polished!


If regularly worn, have the stringing checked every 6 months. Otherwise every 12 months with be sufficient.

Amber has a surface that scratches easily, so keep this apart from other jewellery. Clean by rubbing very gently with a soft cloth dipped in water and fine pumice power, polishing it off with a soft clean cloth.


All metal will show wear over time, but when dirty not only does it look dull, but can leave a black mark on the skin wash jewellery in hot soapy water and dry with an old towel.

Most of our gold jewellery is made in 18 carat gold – due to it's purity it is softer than 9ct and therefore less hard wearing.


  • Commissions are by appointment only 50% deposit is to be paid upon your acceptance of the commission. The balance payable upon collection.

  • We would greatly appreciate if you could make your best effort to adhere to appointment times to avoid delaying other clients.

  • Items sent by post are by Royal Mail Special Delivery, which provides insurance, recorded 24 hour delivery, requiring signed for upon receipt and is charged at cost.

  • Insurance valuations are completed at a discretionary charge according to the value and sent by PDF format via email. A minimum admin fee of £60 is applicable.

  • Precious metals and diamond prices are subject to fluctuations and the dollar exchange rate.

  • Margaret Turner Ltd will never pass on your details to third parties.


All materials including images, illustrations, designs, layout, photographs, written and other text or script that are part of this site are protected by copyright, trademark, trade dress and/or other intellectual property rights owned, controlled or licensed to Margaret Turner Ltd.

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