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     Beautiful jewellery made using quality and ethically sourced precious Metals, Diamonds & Pearls.

Margaret’s intuitive approach to jewellery design reflects individual personality and style, with the intention that both the wearer and giver enjoy the greatest pleasure. She always designs jewellery to work in total harmony with the human form, to be comfortable and ready for any occasion. Her inspiration comes from life and she strongly believes that jewellery should be timeless and unique to the wearers lifestyle, sculpture for the body.

Since graduating from Central School in the early 70s, her striking and innovative jewellery designs have won accolades throughout the world, featuring in both private, museums and Royal collections. She is ceaselessly passionate and prolific, often collaborating in design outside of her usual media, bringing a lifetime of experience to her work.

The nature of evolution means that every piece is a limited edition. Each ring, bracelet and necklace design is drawn from its own honest, natural and beautiful references, Molten, Under the Thumb, Bubbles, Tangle, Deep Sea and Marquise to name but a few.

Each collection being very diverse in thought and process has a common quality, their originality has long been the signature of Margaret Turner Fine Jewellery.

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